i-Colour Transfer Printing in NZ Lets You Express Your Brand Identity Affordably

We have expanded our printing side of the business and we manufacture i-Colour  transfers which give a very high-quality finish and a very nice thin print. With this process, you print the image on to film using a Digital, and then you heat apply it to the garment. All the colours go on at once, so you have none of the registration issues you normally have when direct printing difficult garments.

i-Colour Transfer - Iron-On is a professional and customizable solution for demanding needs and high-quality printing.
Upload your logo, picture or artwork to create your very own iron-on i-Colour Custom Heat Transfers on ready-to-apply transfer film. DTF transfers are perfect for sports clubs, bachelor parties or starting your own fashion line. i-Colour transfers are often ironed onto t-shirts, hoodies, bags, sportswear and workwear.

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