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Digital Printing in NZ Lets You Express Your Brand Identity Affordably

ImageOn Limited is your trusted partner when you want to reap all the benefits of digital printing in NZ for your brand. Our wide range of services delivers a wealth of solutions, enabling you to market your brand and be visible in the right places to grab the attention of your desired audience. Digital printing is a much-preferred option for branding solutions.


Apparel & Artwork

We print on Supplied or sourced apparel. You can supply the artwork or our graphics department can create for you at minimum cost.

Benefits of A Digital Printing Service

As soon as digital printing on fabric became a viable possibility it was evident that this advancement in the branding industry is about to open new doors. It is often smaller groups, businesses and institutions which always wanted to add their brand to fabric, but simply couldn't deal with a minimum order and the high costs of screen printing.

  • Shorter runs are the first and foremost benefit we need to emphasize. Ordering screen printing onto garments requires an extensive setup process which is both time-consuming and expensive. The industry-standard is to divide the expense of the setup process into the number of units you order, to bring down the price while there is only a slight increase in the unit price when you order high volumes. Yet, if you wanted shorter runs, the limited number of units would simply become too expensive, making it a non-viable option. When you opt for digital printing on textiles, there are no exorbitant setup costs, making shorter runs affordable.
  • Flexibility. Fabric digital printing leans itself to being flexible. You can opt for changes in your design and make these relatively easily and simply and proceed with printing without any price increases. As you can also order shorter runs, you don't have to sit with branded stock which still bears the old logo even long after your business went through a rebranding process. You can simply order as much as you need and when you opt for rebranding, you can immediately change your branded gear too.
  • Not sure how textile digital printing will affect your company's carbon footprint? You have no reason for concern. Digital printing is a far eco-friendlier option than what screen printing ever has been. Screen printing had to rely on huge amounts of water and had a very high energy consumption. Thanks to many advances in the industry, you can now declare your business's commitment to finding environmentally-friendly alternatives on your branded wear, and as you opted for T-shirt digital printing, you can do it with a clear conscience.
  • The total tally at the end of your order is far lower while the quality and durability remain the same, if not better. Digital printing is a highly affordable option to brand any items, and due to major developments in the industry, the equipment we rely on to deliver your final product is of such a premium standard that the quality is impeccable, offering you a lasting solution.

Related Services We Provide to Shirt Digital Printing

Even though our digital printing department is always busy to transform ideas into quality branded gear, it isn't the only vital part of our business. We offer a range of solutions to help you set your business apart from the rest.

  • We've partnered with several leading names of quality apparel to supply us with premium products for your marketing needs. It means you can bring us your ideas and through collaboration between our designers, our suppliers of quality apparel and our skilled printing or embroidery teams, we can transform your ideas into reality, ready to showcase to your clientele.
  • Screen printing still has a place when it comes to branding requests. Even though digital printing does bring many solutions to requests which were previously far too pricey when screen-printing was all we had, there are still situations and surfaces where only screen printing will suffice. We have the equipment and skill to take care of these tasks in the most energy-efficient ways possible, to give you the results you desire.

Our goal is to be supportive providers of quality solutions to the entire branding industry, and through our wide range of solutions and high-end equipment, we can offer all the branding services you might need.

About ImageOn

Although ImageOn is only five years old, it is built on many years of experience, gaining knowledge in the industry. Our small team is highly skilled and delivers nothing but outstanding service, premium quality printing and quality products. We might not be huge when it comes to company size, but when it comes to delivering customer satisfaction, durability and affordability, we are giants in the industry.

Do you need your brand to reach the audience you want to attract? Speak to us and let's find the solutions you need.


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